Available in a vast variety of fabrics, this garment is fashionable as well as traditional with each wedding saree holding a unique story in its warp and weft. Every Indian region has its own style and type of saree, fabricated by local craftsmen and designers who use age-old techniques to add their own ideas and innovation to this traditional product. Sarees are available in several materials and each material provides a distinct look to a woman’s personality. The key factor when choosing the appropriate colour and fabric of a saree is the occasion on which it is to be worn, traditionally, silk is worn on festive occasions and cotton is worn for work or casual events.

The yellow color in bridal silk sarees

Silk is a beautiful saree fabric which has a unique appeal and the silk saree is a vital part of the Indian Fashion market. Silk is available in abundant variety and innovative weaves, depending on how it is worn. While Banarasi silk is admired for its lavishness and beauty, Tussar is desired for its dull finishing and hand embroideries. Silks are also infused with other fabrics to make sarees like cotton, silks, woolen silks etc. Colors play a vital role in enhancing the 9 yards and the yellow color is considered the most fashionable and cheery color in bridal silk sarees. Saree is attire which has gained incredible panache due to its adaptability from being worn as a traditional item or a modern accessory. From the available array of wonderful colors, yellow is the color which is viewed as being particularly attractive due to its widespread charm and soft shades.

Why choose yellow?

Bridal Sarees in yellow look sophisticated and elegant and can be designed in silk with colour contrasting borders. Many women want to avoid dark colors in summers and adorn pastel shade, so yellow wedding silk sarees works well for them. Since there are several changes in Indian climate every year, so pastel colours are regarded as an ‘evergreen’ choice as it’s suitable for every climate change. The colours should be chosen to compliment your personality and enhance your overall poise – and yellow is the colour which can suit every complexion and skin tone. For Yellow bridal silk sarees , visit http://kanjivaramsilks.com/indian-wedding-sarees

Bridal Silk saree in yellow is evergreen

While white is regarded as the colour of peace and red is the colour of romance, yellow is the color of sun signifying vibrancy, happiness and prosperity. Whether it is lemon yellow, chrome yellow, ochre yellow, sunlight yellow or canary yellow, women of every age or shape can wear it in many shades. Sarees with rich borders look fabulous and the contrasting pallus colours like orange, green, red or violet enhances the drape further, allowing the saree to look more graceful.

How to choose a yellow wedding silk saree?

You can find a wide variety of yellow sarees at several showrooms situated in numerous cities or online at http://kanjivaramsilks.com. Sarees in yellow hues spread a dazzling and lively aura, with plain or printed drapes embossed with several motifs. During the summer season when dark colors like red, maroon or purple don’t deliver a cool summery feel, colors like yellow are apt and compliment the season perfectly. It is a very prevalent color in India and with its bright and cool impression yellow harmonizes the hot summer days. Yellow color co-ordinates well with color combinations created by master weavers of India in traditional marriage silk sarees. A yellow saree can be peppy and cheerful with fulfilled youthfulness. Shades of yellow are available from beige to apricot or lemony to the mustard and women of all ages can choose a perfect one for any occasions or festivity.

When to wear them?

Soft silk sarees in flowing yellow hue are apt for an evening summer party, while a Mysore silk saree in yellow is great for a glitzy event. Silk material provides a glistening sheen to the attire, delivering it a formal look, so even brides can go for yellow silk sarees for their wedding functions. Haldi function during a wedding requires a yellow dress and silk saree in this dazzling hue will complement the bride to be by making her look gorgeous. If you are living far away from India, you can pick up a yellow silk saree online as there are several online sites providing international deliveries to all the parts of the world. Welcome the bright summery days with yellow sarees and stay stylish even in the sun.

How to compliment yellow saree with accessories?

Wear yellow silk saree with yellow gold jewelry infused with temple designs and enhance your waist with a belt made of gold or Kundan. You can add Matha patti and a large round bindi on your forehead and finish the look with a gajra on your tied up hair bun. Look stunning in yellow saree and walk like a beauty during your wedding, as yellow saree looks quite sizzling when teamed up with a gold Matha Patti and belt. You can also get your blouses stitched glamorously with net back or cut sleeves and look like a Diva in this fashionable hue, even in summers.

So ladies gear up for the upcoming marriage festive season with yellow bridal silk saree in your closet along with matching bags, footwear and jewelry and be the star of any event or party with this evergreen color. You can also look for sarees online as there are great discounts available with a wide variety to choose from.