Wedding favours are a small part of your wedding day but can amount to a surprising level of importance.

Traditionally used as a token to show your appreciation to guests for joining you on your big day, it’s sometimes difficult to find the perfect favour to suit everyone.

Historically, wedding guests received a trinket box containing 5 sugared almonds to represent Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long Life, and Fertility. However, in recent years, unique wedding favours have become more popular in a move away from convention.

Here, we explain why retro sweets (such as those available here) are the ideal wedding favours for the modern couple.

Who Doesn’t Like Sweets?

Sweets are one of the most versatile favours you can give to guests on your wedding day. They really can please everyone and we know how hard that can be!

By providing a bag full of mixed sweets for each guest, you can tailor them to suit all tastes by using a wide variety of sweet types. By including chocolate, fizzy sweets and more traditional ones, you can satisfy even the most fussy of eaters to ensure no-one misses out.

If you’re still worried about upsetting your guests, you could even set up a DIY sweet cart for them to create their own wedding favour. By providing jars full of different sweets, a few scoops, and some paper bags, you can have your guests happily pick’n’mixing to their hearts’ content. This can add a fun and interactive element to your wedding and will appeal to adults and children alike.

Cost Effective

Using edible favours can suit all budgets and is a fantastic way to cut some spending whilst still providing a fun and thoughtful gift.

You can give guests a small bijou bag containing a few hand picked sweets, a jam jar chock full of all your childhood favourites, or even create your own signature sweets by making them yourself – it really is up to you.

Check out this post for more ideas on how to do sweet favours in style, whatever your budget.

The Chance To Be Creative

Sweet favours give you the chance to think outside the box and customise your gifts according to yours and your partners’ tastes.

You can choose the fun way you present your favours, whether it’s a retro paper bag, a classy bouquet or a rustic miniature bottle, which allows you to fit your favours into your wider wedding theme.

You can also personalise these favours with messages from the happy couple and memorable information to make your favours more meaningful. This can be customising the sweets themselves, such as personalised love hearts or rock with your individual messages, or the receptacles the sweets come in.

Some ideas for personalisation include a message on a gift tag, the date of the celebrations or even some of your favourite (and/or cheesy!) wedding quotes.

The best thing about retro sweet favours is that you can really make them your own and tailor them to your own vision, whatever that may be.