It’s one of the most important choices a future bride has to make, aside from whether she should really be marrying this big lug. What exactly are you going to wear for a wedding dress? There’s so many different styles and themes of dress out there that it’s certain there’s a perfect match for you and your wedding. We’re going to touch on a few broad categories of dress and let you know what kind of message they send forth to let you decide which one is really ‘you’.

Ball Gown – These are just absolutely beautiful, but also have a sparkle of old-world romanticism. When people see a bride in a wedding grown they immediately think of princesses and glass slippers, and finally capturing that Prince Charming. This kind of dress sends an unmistakable “Traditionalist” vibe, and if that’s all you? So is this dress.

Jumpsuit – Who wears a jumpsuit on their wedding? A no-nonsense business traditionalist, that’s who. You want to take note of your big day and walk down the aisle, but you’re not really into all the foo-fa-ra, preferring to keep things simple and convenient. “Practical” is the message sent by this kind of “dress”.

Naked Dress – Rolicking and sensual, gasp inducing and sultry, this dress sends an unmistakable message of “risqué and a little wild”. If you think that isn’t a good thing on your wedding day, you just wait until your future husband catches a glimpse of you in it. You’re definitely going to grab that lime-light you so crave.

Hippie Gown – We have to admit, this is one of our favorites. Simple white sundresses with flowers in your hair sends a clear message of ‘down to earth’. There’s something magical about a flowerchild, all you need now is a pastoral setting to really pull your wedding day look together.

Heirloom Dress – There’s been a dress in the closet during your whole life, hung up in a dark place in a plastic sheet, but every so often your mother takes it out and dances around in it. She tells you her mother wore it at your wedding, and you want to wrap yourself in two generations of love, and keep the tradition going. “Sentimental” is the word for this dress choice, and if your future husband knows you at all, he proposed with his grandmother’s wedding ring.

These are just a few of the hundreds of styles out there, but each sends a clear and distinctive message about the personality of you, the bride. Just like the right choice of colors and wedding march, the dress you choose can make (or break) your wedding day look.