Wedding dresses from around the world
If you don’t want to be the type of bride that follows the traditional line of previous generations, then one of the best things you can do is uphold your own culture into your wedding when you tie the knot.

Starting from the east, you have the Asian countries whose wedding dresses are absolutely unique. The vibrant kimonos of Japan with graceful cotton layering is a type dress worn by both men and women, but for women the color scheme is a crimson red with intricate cherry blossom designs. There is also the Chinese Qun Kwa embroidered with a phoenix for the woman and red fabric to symbolize happiness and luck. Another type of dress, the Korean hanbok, is characterized by simple lines and vibrant colors of red, yellow and blue. The dress is a high-waist skirt called a chima worn with a jacket called a jeogori. In the lower parts of Asia, there is the Indian Saree, a three-piece outfit worn in bright red or yellow with white and gold embroidery.

Going into the Middle east, where bright colors and golden patterns highlight the lining of the dress, the aura of an Islamic bride will certainly give you a foreign feel. One big example used in Islamic culture is the Pakistani Sharara, a red or green two-piece outfit comprised of wide-legged trousers that flare out dramatically and are scrunched at the knees. Then it’s paired with a mid-thigh length tunic and a veil heavily embroidered with traditional zari work. There is also the African tribal wear, where the bridal dresses include earthy and sensual colors like browns and greens with big bold patterns and elegant silks.

The Moroccan Takchita, a popular dress style, is a traditional style caftan that has an overdress buttoning up with two layers of ornately decorated fabrics of gold, red, and white underneath. This dress is usually paired with elaborate headgear that is surely made to turn heads. Finally, going down into South America and other Latin countries, there is the flamingo style dress with ruffles around the edges can a mantilla veil with a light blue petticoat are parts of the traditional wear for a Latin American wedding.

Creating your own wedding takes a lot of time, effort, and inspiration to make your dreams come alive, so why not learn a bit about how the brides of different countries make their wedding day special.