Out of all the planning and preparing for the big day, one of the things that women especially flaunt over is the bride’s makeup. As the bride, designing your wedding can be a real challenge, especially when trying to incorporate makeup with your wedding theme. Too much makeup, too little makeup, it can get really confusing. There are all these styles you could frame your face around to make yourself gorgeous, but you’re lost and don’t know where to go. Here are some tips to help you out with your choice in makeup.

bandw-faceMakeup is supposed to be an extension of who you are, so if you’re doing your own makeup, try and choose colours that highlight your most beautiful parts. Not all the women are the same, whether it be skin colour, eye colour, or facial structure. So, it’s best to start off with a basic foundation for you to work with. Find the right foundation that matches your skin tone. Use eyeshadows that help make your eye color glow instead of fade underneath a covering bright colors and dark shadows. Choose a lip color that helps shape your lips rather than hides them. It’s best to set up the founding components of your makeup before you decide to venture forth into more extravagant designs. Also, if you decide you want a makeup artist to do your makeup for you? Tell them what you want and have them listen to you and what you want rather than let them decide what’s best, because it’s your wedding day. You know what you want, so let your passion speak forth to help them create the most authentic you.

Lastly, one of the most important goals to keep in mind as you plan for your day that this relaxday is about you, because you being a bride should represent you as your most beautiful self. So, relax. Give yourself a beauty treatment to keep yourself healthy throughout the chaos of planning. That way, when that day comes, you’ll be able to say, “Everything’s prepared for this moment. Whatever happens next, it’ll be okay. This is the highlight of my life. I’m ready” So, what should matter is that you should feel comfortable in your own skin, and your makeup should express that. Sure, you can choose all natural or all glam for that matter depending on your theme, but what matters most is that you feel like what you’re wearing represents you.