Organizing your wedding is without a doubt one of the biggest events most people will ever find themselves undertaking. Filled with excitement, nerves and a heap of stress the endless amount of planning we put into this day is overwhelming for even the best of us.

Preparing to get married goes beyond the preparation of wedding vows and gowns, guest lists and car hire. This is the necessary time to set up healthy foundations for the rest of your life, and that of your family going forth.

So what can you do beyond wedding planning to give the best chance of a successful and fulfilling marriage?

1) Be Happy In Your Own Life

Being unhappy when you are single will in most cases attract a partner that is also seeking a partner to ‘complete’ their happiness. Unfortunately, couples with these traits tend to lean on each other. Given time, this negative energy fosters and filters into the relationship inviting disaster and further unhappiness.

On the contrary, when two emotionally happy people move forth in a relationship they tend to ‘bounce off each other creating a more positive and ongoing energy. In truth, being comfortable on your own does not mean you are not wanting a relationship, but rather your are happy with yourself and ready to engage positively.

For some fantastic inspiration on how to find your own happiness see C. De Lima’s inspirational writing at Little Buddha on

‘The Art Of Being Happy’

2) Consider Your Health

Taking care of your health and that of your family is ongoing and can be a testing experience. Getting married is about joining two lives and growing your own family. There is no better foundation to do this on than that of good health. Not long ago it was a mandatory requirement prior to a marriage to undergo particular pre-wedding medical testing Undoubtedly this is still advisable and widely recommended by family planning and health professionals. Testing should be undertaken by both parties to ensure your clean bill of health.

Speak to your local or family doctor about what testing is appropriate for you and your partner. Despite any intimidating factors, this may prevent unforeseen troubles ahead.

3) Agree on your future plans

Topics of finance, children, careers and lifestyle choices should be placed on the table as open cards. It is unlikely you will put the same set of cards down initially, however, being honest is most important right now.

Discussions on current debt, assets, and future income are an important factor to a marriage. Agreement should be given measurable consideration, especially that of expectations of children, religious foundations

and/ or family traditions should be made aware of prior to marriage.

When the bells ring, it is for you and your future prospects. All of our future’s bear different fruits, these fruits are entrusted to us and it is our duty to make these prospects grow. Make your wedding day and courtship the title pages for a life you are yet to create, make it the best one it can be, for you and your future family.