Ok, so you’re ready to start planning your wedding, and you’re not going to be one of those people who waits until the last couple months and goes into a complete tailspin of panic and stress trying to scrape everything together. Congratulations, you’ve avoided pitfall #1, but there are others that can easily cause problems along the way, and I’m going to help you be aware of them. Just make sure you avoid the following mistakes, and your wedding day should go off without a hitch.

The List Is the Thing, Guest List That Is: It may seem counter-intuitive, but the first thing you should get in place is your wedding guest list. A lot of what’s to come will center on that list, and do get a list of allergies when you compile this list, you’ll need that later.

Have Planning Conversations At Random: While idle chatter is fine, I know you’re excited about this special day, you’re going to want to set wedding planning nights aside to keep things flowing and organised.

Losing It over Your Gown: Does someone else have your wedding gown? Unless you had yours custom made it’s going to happen, but you can personalize yours with accessories like a borrowed brooch or some special embroidery.

Know Your Season: Knowing your color palette season will help you pick the right colors for your wedding, ones that will help your dress compliment you and your make-up make everything pop. Set this color pattern early, you don’t want find out near the end that Mint Green makes you look ill.

Love Your Body: I know, you want to lose that weight before the wedding, and look your absolute best. It’s understandable to try to drop a couple sizes before the big day, but do it *after* you’ve got a gown that fits you as you are. They can always be adjusted later.

Try To Be Superwoman: Listen, weddings are a family affair. Trying to make it all happen before yourself is going to lead to a stressed out bride, or a wedding in a sanatorium. Delegating your efforts will make things go like a breeze.

Don’t Rely On One Person: Mom’s going to be there, and she’s going to try to do it all for you. (Hint: she probably tried to do it all on her own wedding day) Don’t let her. You want to spread the responsibilities out and get as many people helping as you can manage.

Know your Budget: You want to seriously stress you and everyone else in your wedding party out? Try planning everything and then trying to get your budget to fit it. This is easily the biggest mistake you can make, and will leave things half-completed and looking awful.

These steps will make your planning process go a lot smoother, and will help prevent you from being overloaded at the end of the long haul that is planning your wedding. You want to be relaxed and joyful on your wedding day, not fretting over every last detail. So stick to these tips and have a great wedding day!