Couples are always looking for new and exciting ways to add a magical touch to their wedding days and trying to make their big day stand out.

Many are turning to LED video walls, huge walls of LED tiles, linked together to create a dazzling display screen.

LED means ‘light emitting diode’ and you can read more about exactly what an LED is in this post from Vegas LED Screens.

They’re available in a number of sizes, so can either be a simple TV screen or as big as a literal ‘wall’!

Here are some of the biggest reasons we think hiring an LED video wall can bring a lot to your wedding.


Probably the best thing about LED screens is that they can serve multiple uses. They’re most commonly used to display a slideshow of images from throughout the couple’s time together and could also use well-wishing messages from friends and family.

Alternatively, your video wall could be used to relay important information about the day to your guests, such as when they’re expected to take their seats or even just to create a larger than life backdrop for the wedding such as a starry night sky.

In fact, you can really use an LED screen for anything that your imagination can come up with, that’s the beauty of them!

High Quality Images

LED screens use advanced colour processors to provide high quality, crisp and clear images and video.

The crystal clear videos and images projected on LED screens means that they can be seen from a considerable distance, and are guaranteed to instantly grab the attention of your guests.

With a great deal of control over the contrast and brightness of the screens, you can really tweak them as much as you need to suit your needs.

This is also ideal if you want your screen to be outside, as it means that you can ensure you still receive a good performance, free of any glare, even if the screen is in direct sunlight.

The ‘Wow’ Factor

Nowadays couples are taking more and more steps to ensure that their wedding is the one which stands out and leaves their guests talking about the big day for many weeks to come.

An LED screen is the perfect way to really take your guests’ breath away when they walk in to the reception, and elevate your wedding to the next level.

We spoke to Pro System Services who specialise in providing LED screen hire in London, who said: “We provide LED walls to all kinds of events, whether it be exhibitions, corporate events or large scale music concerts, but they’re increasingly being used at wedding receptions to bring that little bit of extra style to the day.”

Most hire companies will offer full installation and support, so there’s no reason not to look into hiring an LED wall for your big day. After all, you only get married once, so why not make it special!