When it comes to bouquets the obvious choice is deciding what size and what colors you want to use. No matter what your wedding style, brides have many ways they can incorporate their wedding favourites. From using your dress and personal style, to a wedding theme, and even your silhouette, we’ve got some great ways to help brides choose the best bouquet for their big day!

Size Matters
Your dress or body size can often dictate the size of your actual bouquet. So how do you choose your size?

Wedding Ball Gown: If you go fabulously grand with your wedding dress, then your bouquet will need to match you on the grand entrance. Think big blooms, because all those little flowers will get lost in the voluptuous nature of your dress.

Embellished Wedding Dress: If you’re the type of bride that wants to sparkle down the wedding aisle, you should be looking at bouquets that are tight, simple and to the point. Small bouquets or nosegays are exactly the style bouquet you will want to carry. Stay away from cascading blooms as they will take away from your embellished details.

Mermaid or Slim Silhouette Wedding Dress: Stay away from big bouquets if your dress is slim fitting. Posies and roses are perfect blooms for the bride who wants to show off her slim figure.

Petite Brides: A tightly packed bouquet is what the petite bride will want to carry as not to weigh her down. Composite bouquets are adorable for the petite bride too and will accent her petite physique.

Curvy Brides: If you want to gracefully rock your curves down the aisle, you’ll want to carry a full, round bouquet. It’s all about balance when you show off your curves and big blooms will help keep that balance absolutely beautiful. Circular bouquets that show off multiple colours, like a Biedermeier bouquet, are a great way to incorporate your wedding colours.

Go Green With Envy
Don’t be afraid to choose a bold flower and pair it with greenery or olive branches. Sometimes the sweetest of floral statements is in simplicity. If you’ve gone with a multi-colour palette for your wedding, wildflowers or various varietals in your wedding colors are a great way to assemble a bouquet.

Bring Your Wedding Theme Into Your Bouquet
Your wedding bouquet can also reflect your wedding theme. For instance, a seaside romance style wedding bouquet might be accented with coral or turquoise flowers. A garden or park wedding bouquet can include greenery with garden roses. For a more posh, formal wedding try monochrome coloured bouquets or one giant flower. A winter wedding may include red or wine coloured flowers, while a fall bride might choose mums or orange roses.

Getting Personal With Your Flowers
The sky’s the limit when it comes to items you can add to personalize your wedding bouquet, and what better way than to incorporate a personal trinket. For instance, is there someone special who can’t attend your big day? Like a loved one, say your Gran or Grandad who has passed. You can include a photo or handkerchief that belonged to them and make your bouquet sentimentally sweet.

Show Off Your Fabulous Style
Your wedding bouquet should show off your personality. After all, it’s the most personal thing you carry down the aisle on the way to say “I do”. It’s also the thing that can make your wedding photography really pop, so don’t be afraid to ‘go big or go home’. Your wedding day is about you, and your bouquet should be just as fabulous as everything else.