The reception… seems like it’s all done at this point doesn’t it? You’ve walked down the aisle, you’ve pleased the relatives, you’ve said your vows and I do. Job done, you can finally relax and have a good time and put the planning and stress of the past few months behind you. Hold up there buddy, the jobs not quite over YET. The focus at this point needs to be celebrating a great day and making sure it stays that way. Follow these little pointers and you’ll have no problem making it through your end game and moving on to a happy life with your beloved.

Relax Around Your In-Laws: It’s likely that you’ve had a few ups and downs with your future in-laws these past few months, and chances are good your relationship is still in the fragile beginning stages with them. Make sure you make it through the rest of this day without telling them what you really think (Unless you happen to like your in-laws) and keep nurturing that relationship.

Don’t Drink Yourself Stupid: Ok, that should really sum it up, right? If you have an open bar at the reception, you’re already setting yourself up for one long run of trouble. There’s nothing wrong with alcohol, but this is your reception, not a frat party, so pace yourself and stay mostly sober. You’re still driving this wedding day to completion, don’t wind up in a ditch, literally or figuratively.

Keep the Party Going: Unless your one of those who intimately ties ‘Drinking yourself stupid’ with ‘Partying’, this doesn’t mean that you should keep it all low-key and short. People came in from out of town and are looking to have a good time, so make sure your party is something to remember. Keep things going, be bright and charming, and generally just make sure your guests all have something to remember when it’s over.

Toast the Big Event: Everyone wants to hear a speech from the groom on the big day, it’s a vital part of the ceremonies and an opportunity for you to absolutely gush about your new bride without everyone thinking you two are just disgustingly cute. Well, they still might think you’re disgustingly cute, but they won’t think you’re any less manly for making your bride cry tears of joy on her wedding day.
Four simple steps to a great event, follow them and you’ll be able to have a great reception and wrap up the day with a band. You’ll also be more relaxed when you finally slip away in the limo at the end of the night, and off to your first love nest as man and wife.