Did you know that wedding thank you notes should ideally be sent out no later than three months after the wedding? This allows newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoon and get settled first in order to send them out. It is also true that for any gifts received prior to the wedding a gap of only two weeks should be allowed before sending out your thank you note. Don’t be fooled by the old Wedding Myth that indicates you have a whole year before you need to send them, this is simply not true.

In order to assist you in selecting the appropriate works for your thank you notes listed below are examples for you covering almost every possible scenario.

Scenario 1 – The gift received is cash!

Dear Dale & Mandy,

Tim and I were delighted to see you at our wedding, and it was wonderful that you were able to share our experience with us. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and generous gift. As we are currently saving for a new family home we can’t be happier that you’ve been able to get us that step closer. We are looking forward to seeing you again upon our return from holidays!

Thank you again for your generosity.

Note: The amount given should not be mentioned however some indication of how you intend on spending the money should definitely be included in your thank you note.

Love Tim and Kelly

Scenario 2 – You met the person at the wedding

Dear Mrs. Williams,

Thank you kindly for the delightful vase you selected for us. The vase has been used non-stop holding the most beautiful flowers and looks adorable in our entrance way. My mother has always spoken fondly of you and it was a true pleasure to have met you on our big day.

Yours faithfully Tim and Kelly

Note: Do mentions it was lovely to meet them at the wedding

The following two scenarios may seem unlikely, however, if gift tags are knocked off presents or simply given without them, things can get a little tricky. At times further information can be obtained through the gift registry or family.

Scenario 3 – You are unsure which gift they gave

Dear Scott and Sally

We wanted to thank you for your thoughtful and generous gift. It was wonderful that you could share with us on our special day and we were thrilled to have you join us in our celebrations. We are looking forward to spending more time with you upon our return from holidays.

Note: Don’t focus on the ‘unknown’ gift but rather their kindness

Scenario 4 – You are unsure if they gave a gift at all

Dear David,

We were delighted you were able to share with us one of the most important days of our lives. This wonderful day was made all the more special being that you were there. As usual were comical antics kept your table laughing all night. Thank you for your generosity and for the beautiful memories you helped us create.

Love Tim and Kelly

Note: Make a point of their presence and your appreciation of this.

Scenario 5 – You received a group gift

Dear Lexie,

What an amazing TV! Thank you, It fits perfectly into our lounge room and viewing is now a completely new experience, so much more than we could ever have imagined. We’re lucky to have friends like you and we’ll have to have you round for a group movie night soon.

Love Always Tim & Kelly

Note: Individual thank you notes should be completed.

Scenario 6 – You don’t like it or already have it

Note: Don’t say you are likely to exchange it, acknowledge the gift graciously

Dear Uncle Kevin

Tim and I wish to thank you for the impressive wall clock. You most certainly have impeccable tastes. We were absolutely delighted you were able to make it on our special day and join us in our celebrations.

Love Tim and Kelly

Wedding Thank you notes should be presented in your wedding theme and hand written for the personal touch.