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We are sure you’ve seen many businesses on-line who offer photo or video booth hire services. These can be a great addition to a wedding reception where guests are encouraged to take photos and record video messages that can then be kept as a treasured reminder of the big day.

Hiring a booth, even for just a few hours, can be very expensive so we were interested to find out if there were more cost effective solutions available.

Doing a thorough search of the web revealed an interesting piece of software which seemed to fit the bill. We contacted Aire Valley Software – an exciting application development company, and spoke to the founder Nigel Pearce who told us about his software, RightBooth, and the motivations behind creating it.

Rightbooth is a simple, but innovative event photography software application which was built out of necessity back in 2013. As Nigel’s stepson Luke’s wedding day was approaching, Luke was looking to hire a photo booth, but was put off by the high prices being quoted. Nigel, an avid programmer used his software development knowledge to create an app that his stepson could run on his own computer at the reception.

“I designed the app to be as easy to use as possible, so guests could take it in turns to walk up to the computer, read the instructions, push a button or click a mouse and then record a 30 second video or take a set of 3 photos.”

– Nigel, business founder and developer

On the day, Luke placed his computer away from the noise in a foyer at the wedding reception. And at the end of the night they had captured over 100 amazing and funny video recordings and photos from their guests. A few days later they burnt the files onto a DVD, made 10 copies and distributed them around the family. It was a total success, the resulting recordings captured great memories of the evening and the whole thing effectively cost nothing at all!

“It wasn’t until a few weeks after the wedding that the idea of making this software available to others became a possibility and so it was developed to make it easy to use for everyone. Now over four years later we have an app that is being used by many people worldwide on their own computer equipment, providing them with a solution for capturing videos and photos at many types of event, including weddings.’”

– Nigel, business founder and developer

Rightbooth Screen shot
Rightbooth software screenshot

Their product has grown to include many additional features, but their original premise still holds true, which is to make it more cost effective than hiring a photo booth, and once you have the RightBooth software you can continue to use it at as many of your parties, family get-togethers and events as you need

Nigel also tells us that because he runs a small focused business he is committed to providing help for all his customers.

“There is nothing I like more than hearing from and connecting with our users. We constantly react to user feedback and this helps us to improve the software in the best way possible.
If you have a requirement that we currently don’t offer then we’d love to hear from you”

– Nigel, business founder and developer

We have to say that we are very impressed by Nigel’s approach and commitment to his product, so if you are looking to save money on your wedding day, but still want to provide a video/photo booth experience for your guests then we suggest you take a look.

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