Are you ready for a journey of taste?

Because if you’re planning a stag do for your best soon-to-get-married friend, then the whole journey should be an adventure of the senses.

It’s not an easy job, planning a whole stag do by yourself. The trick is: don’t do it by yourself, when you can book a company to arrange everything for you, the stag and everybody you decide to invite.

About this subject, a tad later, because we have to concentrate on the destination: a stag weekend in Budapest!

Why go to Budapest for a stag weekend?

It’s a good question, because you have to be properly informed before deciding for a destination that should fit both the stag and each and every one of your friends, whom you have invited.

Let’s set something straight, from the start!

You definitely have to convince your best friends to travel for the sake of the future groom, because this is almost the only way to feel completely free and to have a memorable experience.

Now, that we’ve settled that, let’s talk about why to choose Budapest as the stag weekend destination.


Plenty of reasons:

  • It’s a cheap, yet an exquisite city, the capital of the Eastern-European country Hungary
  • You have plenty of opportunities to try new activities, some that you might have not yet experienced at home
  • It’s the perfect place that mixes fun and culture in an equal balance

You will surely find more after you get there for your stag weekend in Budapest. But enough about this, let’s focus on the heavy drinking stuff.

Is there plenty of booze for a stag do in Budapest?

Like any place on earth, Budapest has its fair share of Hungarian drinks. No matter what your preference is, you can always enjoy the best soft and hard liquors from this city.

However, the booze is not as important as the many drink-related activities you may want to experience during your stag weekend in Budapest:

  • Beer bike: pedal and drink, drink and pedal. This is one of the funniest activities you can enjoy as a group, and drink at the same time
  • Brewery tour: it’s a dream that came true for all beer lovers, because they get to know more about the drink they love so much
  • Beer tasting: tasting various beer specialties it’s something amazing for those who drink not only because they’re thirsty, but they drink for the taste
  • Pub crawling: a classical stag do tradition, and one of the simplest. Just go from pub to pub, like the bees from one flower to the other. Well, at least the bees don’t get drunk
  • Dinner & All you can drink: doesn’t it has a special ring: all you can drink. Sounds like a challenge!
  • Dinner in a wine cellar with a stripper: finally, some action to go with a fine Chianti
  • Wine tasting: if you’re the gourmet type, then this is going to give you the chills

As you can see, there’s plenty to do (and to drink) during a stag weekend in Budapest. The special condition: book a company that will help you plan the whole thing, like Eventhuse.

If you check the website, you will see that you can choose special stag weekend packages and receive special prices for all this amazing experiences during the stag weekend in Budapest.