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According to the media, the minimum one should spend on an engagement ring is £1000. Clearly such an expense is considered a worthy price to pay for a lifetime of commitment! So caring for engagement rings and wedding bands should be equally as important – but considering engagement rings and wedding bands are worn everyday how many times would you think about deep cleaning yours to ensure its blingability?

Town Talk Polish is a British company that has been creating jewellery cleaning products since 1895. Here The Polished Gentleman, Mr Town Talk, tells you how best to look after your new or antique engagement ring and wedding bands:



Diamonds are a classic and elegant choice for many engagement rings and now are also used in many wedding bands. Diamonds are extremely durable. More often than not it is the stone case or settings that gets damaged through knocks and bangs causing stones to be lost or chipped. So I advise you to take your ring to a professional jeweller from time to time, to have the setting inspected.

Highly fashionable gems such as sapphires – as seen in the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring – need to be kept clean to ensure their radiant colour shines through. Such stones are classed as hard gems, but are in fact a little softer than diamonds, so I recommend either removing them before household tasks such as washing up or gardening, or wearing suitable gloves!

Everything from body lotions to soap suds, household dust or oils in your skin can make rings appear dull and lackluster. Diamonds and semi-precious stones are best deep cleaned every couple of months; it’s simple to do if you have the right kind of cleaner. Town Talk’s jewellry dip – Jewel Sparkle – is perfect for diamonds, sapphires, rubies, amethysts, blue topaz, garnet and citrine. Place the ring into the basket and soak for a couple of minutes before rinsing; you’ll be surprised how much dirt comes off and how sparkly gems look. If you’re on the go then the Impressive Jewellery Spray is a quick spray solution and polishing cloth that makes light work of grime and works equally as well on the same stone types as above.

pearlsRings set with pearls are different: pearls are porous and susceptible to scratching so require protection from liquids and sprays such as perfume, cosmetics and hair sprays, which will pit the pearls’ surface. As Coco Chanel said, “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls” and if you’re lucky enough to be gifted a string to complement your bridal gown as well as a beautifully set ring, be sure to put them on after all cosmetics have been applied. Don’t dip pearls into any jewellery cleaner or wear them in the shower (or a honeymoon swimming pool!), instead clean them with my specialist moist Pearl Tissues and soft Microfibre Cloth for a lustrous finish.

“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls”

Coco Chanel


Gold is quite a soft metal – the higher the carat the more valuable but the softer it is, meaning it can be scratched or scuffed more easily. Platinum is a harder precious metal but, like gold, can dull over time. Never fear though as gold can be buffed up and minor scratches polished out with a Town Talk Gold Polishing Cloth as it contains a jeweller’s rouge to gently polish out scuffs.


Silver tarnishes in the air: its not a process you can stop completely, but you can slow it down by polishing silver rings with an anti-tarnish agent (in all Town Talk silver cleaners and cloths). This exclusive formula removes dirt and tarnish and coats the ring in an agent that protects the metal from sulphates in the air, making silver gleam for longer. It’s a satisfying process watching the dirt appear on the cloth!

For more top tips for caring for your jewellery ask Mr Town Talk by emailing MrTownTalk@towntalkpolish.com