Beach weddings are ideal for couples who wish to have some adventure and unique experience on their big day. People nowadays are moving away from cookie cutter weddings and looking for simple and intimate affair. If you are living in UK, you are very fortunate to have fascinating coastlines and beaches around you and you can easily plan you wedding by contacting On the beach holidays (UK’s leading company for beach holiday planning). Beautiful beach side venues are perfect for a memorable wedding day experience.

Why beach weddings are getting so popular?

  • When you look for destination wedding at the beach, it will give you a chance to plan your honeymoon at the same destination by just tacking on an extra week there. It will be economical and convenient to have a carefree vacation at the same place, where your wedding ceremony has been arranged.
  • When you plan your wedding at the beach, it proves to be a fun-filled experience for the guests too. If you have time, your guests can indulge in an array of activities like boating, snorkelling, or simply hanging out on the beach.
  • When couples plan for a beach wedding, they usually include only the closest ones in the guest list. So only the people you’re closest with will make the journey, and No second cousins or random friends will be there, so you will be able to save the overall cost.
  • A destination wedding might sound pricey affair, but if you will think of other aspects, beach weddings are actually economical. When the venue is beach, a lot of work has already been done. For instance, there will be instant wedding atmosphere surrounded by the clam waters and exotic natural beauty. Also, you will choose for more casual dress instead of big dress with hefty price tags.
  • When your wedding is celebrated by the sea side, you can steal some precious moments with your partner and take a break for a romantic walk on the beach hand in hand. Such luxury is not available at simple venue at banquet hall or a church.

Few Tips for beach wedding:

  • A ballgown is perfect wedding attire for a ball room, but not for a beach wedding. It won’t be easy to walk on the beach and take photos while wearing a heavy gown. So, it is advisable to skip the big wedding dress and look for casual and elegant wedding wear. The bride should preferably choose for lightweight fabric like chiffon or Carmeuse, so it flows with the breeze.
  • While decorating the venue, it is important to avoid pomp and show and preferably, highlight the natural beauty of the setting. Décor should be simple and natural. One can take inspirations from the color palette of sand, dune grasses, stones and water etc.
  • It is advisable to hire reputed companies, wedding planners or local vendors who are conscientious of local markets.
  • One must make sure to get a permit for the wedding. You should research the required paperwork to hold your ceremony on the beach, especially if it’s public. One must also enquire about the noise ordinances, and make sure to follow them.
  • Beaches are the most crowded on weekends and holidays. Unless you are looking for public place, it is advised to avoid wedding on holidays and weekends. In order to ensure privacy, you need to research a lot and make sure to book for the wedding venue ahead of time as most of the secluded wedding venues get quickly rented for weddings.

How wedding planners can help you in planning an amazing destination wedding?

There is nothing more enchanting and romantic than having your wedding at the venue, which overlooks the sea. Whether you are planning a simple ceremony for just two of you or a gathering of fifty or more guests, most of the reputed wedding planners provide tailor made solutions varying from casual to elegant to make your wedding memorable.

  • Most of the wedding planners offer a wide array of options for food and decorations. These companies work along with client to create menus designed to their own taste. Whether you wish to arrange for buffets, barbecues or delicious local specialities, there are wedding planners make complete arrangements from the start till the end.
  • Most of the good wedding agencies provide services like on-site health centre, hair, makeup, spa and beauty services that all couples deserve before their wedding day.
  • There is usually a private wedding co-ordinator who works with the client to make their wedding planning hassle free, so you can relax and enjoy on your big day.

Wedding planners usually have a bucket of wedding ideas to make your seaside wedding truly memorable for you and your guests.