luxury wedding gift

girl luxury standingLuxury… Is there anything about your wedding that shouldn’t be luxurious? It’s your special day, and a once in a lifetime event, so it’s worth taking every care to get it right. Sometimes it’s a certain choice of flowers that makes the day perfect, the right music, meal, and sometimes it can be the perfect accessory that ties an outfit together. Inspired by Elle has just such an accessory, silk bolero scarves, luxurious enough to be the perfect binding element for your bridesmaids, while being unique enough to be striking for just the bride. Every element of their construction is based on beauty and a love of their art, and nowhere is this more evident than in the masterfully crafted artwork that graces them.

Our favourite is graced with a striking rendition of a New Guinea Bird of Paradise, birds which have long been associated with beauty, elegance, and deeply meaningful ceremony. These very traits are what make this true to life piece of art perfect for your bride and bridesmaids, especially with the luxurious mulberry silk. We love the way the colours and style allow it to fit in with almost any choice in colours, and the material compliments any outfit you choose to pair it with.

Of course, you want something like this to last. It’s going to be an important keepsake of the occasion, and will truly be treasured by you and your entourage alike. Thankfully, the quality and craftsmanship of this piece are above reproach, however some care must be taken in washing this natural fabric. Mulberry silk is highly durable and yet delicate against the skin. We found that simply hand-washing with an appropriately mild detergent followed by a light ironing while it was still damp was the best way to maintain the beauty and lustre of this scarf.

While we love the Bird of Paradise shawl, there was another from Inspired by Elle that took our breath away. Printed on the same luxurious silk, the ‘Love Me Back’ design shawl is absolutely breathtaking. The striking colours and complex lines of the intricately rendered flowers will make it a beloved gift for the mothers’ of the bride or groom. Delightfully feminine and beautifully smooth this shawl, like the Bird of Paradise, comes wrapped in a custom made box that makes for a simple and elegant presentation.

Each piece is created around a concept, so Bird of Paradise is a play on words, where you have the tropical plant and literally a bird of paradise nested in the midst of the design. I think art is much more meaningful, if it is intellectual or has a message to convey. I take time to research after coming up with the initial ideas, so that you receive a little storytelling in the design too. – Elle Smith, Designer and Artist

Silk has long been held as a precious piece of elegance, and so important was it to trade that it created the foundation of the trade routes from Europe to Asia that came to be known as the silk road. As such these shawls continue this ancient tradition of luxury, elegance, and textile beauty that has lasted the ages. With such an enduring legacy it brings perfect symbolism to your nuptial celebrations, and is sure to be loved by guests and wedding parties alike.

Overall, we can’t recommend these lovely silk bolero scarves enough. They are created with an expert hand, priced reasonably, and are simply the perfect memorable touch of luxury that your wedding day needs to be truly spectacular.

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