So you’ve chosen the style of your wedding gown and now you need it fitted. Depending on your body shape and your dressmaker, the number of required fittings will vary. In most cases, you will require at least two fittings, plus an additional ‘try on’ prior to picking it up. Considering this it is important that you pick up the dress as close to the wedding day as practically possible to ensure your best fit and minimize any possible storage risk.

As a general rule of thumb is to schedule your final fitting around 6 – 8 weeks before the wedding, organise to pick up the dress around a fortnight before. This will leave you adequate time for any necessary last minute alterations.

In many pre-marital cases, a bride is subject to weight gain or loss. The reasons for this are varied and include dieting, indulgent eating through pre-wedding celebrations and stress. In any case, you will look your best if you’re comfortable within yourself, so don’t over think it and wear your gown with pride.


What To Have Arranged Prior To Your Final Dress Fitting?

When you are attending your final fitting, the knowledge you have of the look of your dress is usually down pat. But what about the functionality and practicality of your dress. You would have asked a particular amount of questions during the buying process, however, full details would in most cases, remain unknown.

Prepare a list of questions that you should ask your dressmaker prior the final fitting. Many of the unthought-of questions are most important to find out. Some ideas of questions you should ask are as follows:

What material is the dress, and how to best clean it? Is there a particular stain removal process that should be followed?

What particular cleaning processes are most important, dry cleaning, wet cleaning, can it be ironed etc.

How do they recommend to store the dress, and why?

Will any hoops or accessories of the dress damage the material over time?

If you are wearing your dress to the reception, how do you correctly reposition the dress and/ or remove your veil and/ or train?

What alterations points are available and where are adjustable points. Can you tighten or loosen the bodice or straps?

What clasps and clips are on the dress, how do they work? This will enable you to instruct others better or even allow you to handle this by yourself or with minimal assistance.

Being comfortable on your Wedding Day is paramount to your overall happiness on your most special day. By simply becoming familiar, and comfortable with the elements and aspects of your day you will ensure your, your husband-to-be, and your guests the most joyous occasion possible.

Be your best on your best day!