According to Wikipedia the true purpose of a wedding rehearsal dinner is so that friends and family of the bride and groom may become familiar and comfortable with each other. A North American tradition this event was intended for hosting on the night prior to the wedding. During the dinner, the couple will in most part take advantage of this time to toast to and respectfully thank those who have attributed to the wedding organisation.

Cost can sometimes be the deciding factor. Traditionally there is no written rule as to who pays for this, though, generally, either of the bride or the groom will have their parents cover the costs. If, as tradition suggests the bride’s parents are paying for the wedding it is considered courteous at this point that the groom’s parents pick up the tab. In a more modern situation, it would be appropriate that the engaging parties have an open discussion about who pays for the wedding rehearsal dinner. This will provide for a more stress-free experience.

The good news is the expense and planning of the wedding rehearsal dinner are significantly easier than that of the actual day.

Who Should You Invite To The Rehearsal Dinner?

Absolutely all invited guests should be invited via a formal invitation. The flexibilities on this are greater than your actual wedding as more relaxed and simple options may be used, including email or phone call. Relaxed this maybe, 6-8 weeks should still be graced between invite and event. Who you wish to invite is a wish-wash of personal ideas. In most cases, it would be appropriate to invite the bridal party, immediate family and the closest of friends.

Where Should The Rehearsal Dinner Be Held?

Often held in fine restaurants or sit down hotel ballrooms the Rehearsal Dinner is meant to be a less formal occasion than the wedding, so your choice of venue should be able to reflect this. With more and more businesses opening their doors to fine dining experiences the choices are unlimited. Anywhere you, and you feel your guests will be comfortable is a considerable option. More recently couples have been hosting Rehearsal Dinners at their home, out in the parks, at locally favoured venues, the list is endless. Keeping in mind the purpose of the Rehearsal Dinner is to allow those to mingle and be comfortable in celebrating an experience together, a venue should represent comfort, style, and socialism.

Consideration to distance from residence to invitees and the wedding venues should be given. The chosen venue should be within reasonable driving distance for most, if not all intendee’s. Provide your guests with clear directions, or even organise the transportation for the event.