Yes, we get it. It’s the last hurrah of your single status and the end of your partying days, but that’s no reason to be an idiot about it. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but more weddings have been thrown off by these ‘last chance’ activities than we care to mention. So many, in fact, we found it necessary to put together this list of very basic “for the love of all that’s holy, don’t do this” items. Thankfully, these are pretty universal for men and women alike, so both of you should take heed.

dog-hatDon’t do Anything You’ll Regret: You want to make sure that you aren’t going to trip over some unknown ball of ‘this isn’t ok’ during your party. What happens at Stag and Hen parties tends to get out eventually, so make sure you won’t mind them hearing about it.

Drink Responsibly: This applies in two venues. The first is that alcohol helps to eliminate inhibitions, and that can lead to a serious issue if you wind up doing something you’ll regret. Speaking of things you could regret, don’t spend the night getting tanked and then drive. Best case scenario you could get popped for driving while intoxicated and wind up in jail, worse case that nice tux you rented is going to look good on you in your coffin.

Don’t Overplan: You’re there to have a good time, trying to plan out every minute of the party is going to put a serious damper on it. In fact, why are you planning it at all? That’s what your best man (or bride’s maid) is for. You should just be there to relax and have a phenomenal time. Let someone else do the worrying for once.

Prepare A Budget: We know you want to have a seriously good time, but don’t let yourself get so swept up in the festivities that you wind up being broke before the night is out. There’s nothing worse than just getting your drink on and realising that you’re ‘all night stag/hen party’ has turned into a two hour binge that ends with a tense negotiation about who’s going to pay the excess at the bar. Uncomfortable doesn’t even cover it.

So that’s it, four little rules to make sure you get yourself home in one piece, and have a great last shindig on your way out of the role of ‘single and looking’. Stag and Hen parties can be a great time, make no mistake. One thing to think about when planning these parties, more and more couples are choosing to have a ‘Sten Do’, which is a stag and hen party combined. Whatever way you go, these four rules apply both ways!