• Weddings!

A wedding is a time for family and friend reunions; an occasion full of joy, expectation and love. The ceremony was emotional, the singing atrocious the tears plentiful.

On to the meal, lovely nosh; great speeches, the toast and it’s over for the meantime.

There’s now a lull before the evening entertainment arrives; let’s hope it’s not a harpist and string quartet!

What do the guests want, more than a bar! Yes, of course, a DISCO!

  • Why a disco?

Have you never been to a wedding evening bash! A disco is a no brainer for all ages.

There’s something magnetic, almost hypnotic about the deep base sounds and strobing lights; we are drawn like moths to the dancefloor.

The disco dancefloor is a hallowed space shared by young and old; who wouldn’t get up and stamp to The Dave Clark Five? Who wouldn’t want to slow-dance to an Adele classic? And the birdie song? … Well perhaps that’s stretching things.

Nevertheless, let’s be brutally honest, it isn’t a proper wedding without a disco!

A disco provides the perfect finale to the perfect day. A closing memory of happy smiling faces with the occasional heart attack.

  • How to select a great DJ

First off he, she, or whatever must have a diverse selection of a multitude of genres. The best disco sensations are vibrant, flowing and never glued to one genre or another. Disco is an audio and visual experience, a legal high, an epiphany.

OK, fair enough if you just want sixties music the DJ will no doubt oblige. However the input from the DJ can considerably elevate the whole ambiance of the evening.

Tony Blackburn plays sixties music and millions tune in to listen. Even though these are songs they’ve heard thousands of time before and can be accessed from YouTube and like platforms at any time.

Tony Blackburn is the secret weapon. Like him or not, he has that DJ appeal. It’s not just one track after another, it’s a well-managed show, with chatter, jokes (?) and an overall undefinable rhythm

Great DJ’s don’t just play music, they somehow become a part of it; engaging with their audience whilst smoothly, seamlessly beguiling all ages onto the dancefloor.

Being a DJ has very little to do with playing one record after another; it is a specialist art form, one that can only be attained through natural talent and experience.

  • Thank you Manchester, you’ve been a wonderful audience!

Are you getting married? Do you live in or near Manchester? If so then I’ve got some great news for you!

You lucky people have one of the finest DJ’s on your doorstep.

And that’s DJ Anton trading under the FLOORFILLAS banner. FLOORFILLAS is an award winning DJ service operating out of, you guessed, Manchester!

DJ Anton is a top totally professional DJ. It’s not just about the fabulous sound-systems and extraordinary light displays it’s also the eclectic mix of tunes plus charismatic presentation and engaging banter.

The dance floor will be heaving all night!

So, put even more icing on the cake by rounding off a fabulous day with the sound sensation that is FLOORFILLAS!

The last dance has never been this good.

For further information and enquiries go to FLOORFILLAS website now. You will need to book well in advance!