We know you want your wedding to stand out, that’s why we’ve been talking about themesand table decorations, but there are other elements of your wedding that can make it really stand out with your unique style. Never underestimate how the slightest twist to the traditions of weddings can make yours memorable and truly capture your personal taste. After all, the day is about you and your future spouse, and it should reflect your personalities.

Bouquets: There’s a lot of different ways to put together a bouquet, and just because a floral bouquet is traditional doesn’t mean that it’s the way that suits you. We’ve seen bouquets made of laurel branches with their distinctive green leaves, bouquets of wands (It was a Harry Potter themed wedding), even a bouquet made of a single papier-mâché flower. The only limit is your imagination.

Themed Hairstyles: It’s common for the bride to let the bridesmaid’s choose their own hairstyles, but maybe you’re looking for a particular theme and want everything to tie together. Elaborate French braids are really popular, and offer limitless variation with beautiful results.

Bridesmaid’s Choice: Bridesmaid’s dresses are typically coordinated in color and style, but they don’t all have to be the same. Put together a list of dresses and styles, and let your bridesmaid’s express themselves within the bounds provided. Everyone will be looking their best!

Let Your Accents Speak: Accents like jewellery, bracelets, even hair pieces can really bring out a unique theme in your wedding, and add a burst of style that makes it all come together. Even a single modified element stands out against the norm, and can make it speak of you.

A Stunning Veil: There are some really traditional styles to be found in veils, but don’t underestimate the idea of doing something dramatic. Persian and Turkish styled veils are a lot more bombastic than the traditional, adorned with rhinestones and embroidery, they’re decidedly exotic.

Dramatic Makeup: While we’re talking about things from the Persian side of the world, they do some truly astonishing things with Kohl. This dark powder based make-up can make your eyes just explode out of your face, especially if you have blue or light coloured eyes. Even dark eyes benefit as your eyes become wells to fall into.

These are just six elements of style you can use to add a personalised statement to your wedding day, and if you coordinate with your wedding planner, you’re certain to come up with more. Never underestimate the excitement you can generate from a planner by asking them to be creative, they do more than their fair share of traditional weddings and they love breaking the mould.