Ahhh, the most terrifying of all aspects of the wedding for in-laws and prospective spouses alike, the wedding budget. There’s little that causes more anxiety than this string of numbers that require constant attention and determine so many things about your special day. Take heart, intrepid future spouse, all is not lost! With just a few considerations, a little care, and a splash of creativity, you can help keep that wedding budget under control, and prevent your father-in-law from having a coronary before he’s officially your father-in-law!

Commit to your Budget: Ok, this is pretty simple, right? You just create a budget and stick to it. No, we really mean it, I know we can play loose and fancy free with our monthly budgeting in everyday life, but this is your WEDDING. Don’t fool around with it any more than you would on your partner, it’ll just end in regret.

Save On Space, And Catering: I know you want everybody and their cousin to be part of your wedding, and it’s hard to figure out who to cut out. But every time you take someone out of your guest list you reduce not just the required size of your venue, but all of the associated costs in catering and the wedding cake! Your budget will thank you.

Venue and Date Matter: Just like reserving a hotel room, the cost of reserving a space for a wedding can be affected by the date you choose. There are hot months for getting married (May and June being the most popular) and the owners of these locations know it. So choosing the right time of year, and a non-traditional venue, can really help to cut costs in this area.

Cut Down on the Frills: Remember, the focus of your day should be the bride and groom, not all the froo-fa-ra of your location and bells and whistles. One way to do this while maintaining your budget is not letting the venue salesman sell you on a pile of frills. releasing a clutch of Doves, for instance.

That’s it, four simple steps that will save you huge amounts of your wedding budget. There’s some real solid reasons for keeping your budget under control, and it’s not just so you don’t go over. Ever pound coin saved on the wedding is one more pound you can splurge on your Honeymoon. A honeymoon you’ll very much need once the stress and press of your wedding is over.