Once the planning of the wedding is done, it’s time to focus in on the perfect wrap-up, the wedding reception. Special moments like these deserve to be captured and shared as precious memories for years to come, but wedding receptions require a special touch. We all imagine that our photos will come out as studio quality, with all the creativity and flair a professional can bring out with the perfect lighting. Funky Photography Parties makes this a reality by doing something utterly unique, bringing a mobile studio to your event and creating perfect photos right there on site.

Photos are records of the most important events in your life, bringing back all the stories, love, and laughter of these moments with perfect clarity. Sure, disposable cameras may be cheap, but that savings comes at the cost of amateur photography and low quality results. Instead you can have studio quality photos that your family will be eager to bring home and share, making your wedding reception the envy of all your friends.

What could be better than studio quality photos taken at your wedding reception? How about spicing it up with some creative sets and props? Funky Photography Parties mobile studio includes more than just a couple fancy lights and umbrellas, they bring an entire collection of gimmicks and props to really spice things up. After all, wedding receptions are supposed to be fun and inspirational, serving as an unforgettable close to your wedding, and a springboard for the lifetime of adventures you’ll share together in the years to come.

Funky Photography Parties was established by Greg and Sharon Kitchen, who decided that the wedding reception photography had a tendency to be a little plain, and needed some spicing up. They knew that everyone wanted to have beautiful, memorable photos of their wedding reception, but that a photo studio was the best place to get the results people wanted. This is when inspiration struck and they came up with the idea of bringing a mobile studio to these events, and the quality of photography that comes with it.

If you’re looking to have photos that blow your guests away, that will become keepsakes and memories for a lifetime; we recommend that you contact Funky Photography Parties. From basic portraits to fun filled prop shoots, they’ll build you a life-time of memories in light.

For more information on booking your wedding reception photographer, please contact Greg and Sharon Kitchen on 01179 606560 or visit funkyphotographyparties.com