The first thing I think of when I think of romance and happiness is flowers, so it is no surprise that most of us feel it is important to have flowers at a wedding. They completely alter the atmosphere, and make a huge contribution to the success of the day. With this in mind, it is wise to make a start on choosing your florist as soon as you have decided when your wedding will take place and where it will be held. You should also have decided on the colours to be used in the bridesmaid’s dresses and that will make up a colour theme for the wedding.
You may want to leave most of the creative input to the florist. Certainly you should listen to his or her advice. I would never have thought about avoiding highly scented flowers for example, but when I realised that the perfume of some flowers can be overwhelming or sickly sweet, especially on a warm day and in a crowded room, it brought it home to me that it is hard to think of everything and it really is better to consult with someone who knows what they are talking about.

So how do you find an expert who you can trust with this important job?
Personal recommendations are always the best guide. If you have friends or relatives who have recently got married, ask them. They will be happy to share their knowledge and, hopefully, they will have photos of the bridal bouquets and table and church decorations.
Another useful source is wedding magazines. If you see a picture of beautiful floral decorations, they will usually credit the florist. There may be an advertisement for that florist in the back of the magazine. If not, you will at least be armed with a name so you can do an internet search.

Pinterest is brilliant for getting ideas, and for confirming what you feel your taste is. Look at as many pictures of floral arrangements as you can, and make yourself a board where you can pin the best. Look back at your board from time to time and weed out any ideas that, given time, are not as good as you originally thought they were.


Once you have a handful of names of florists, make appointments to meet them. Take your tablet or mobile phone to the meeting, so you can show him or her your Pinterest ideas. They will be able to advise you about how you can make your ideas a reality, or whether they are feasible. They should explain what flowers are appropriate for the season. If they don’t listen to your ideas or try to override you without an explanation, you should choose a different florist. You need someone whose tastes are similar to yours and who understands what you are trying to achieve.

It is only fair that you should discuss finances clearly and right at the outset. If your ideas are bigger than your budget, or if you have chosen an exclusive florist who only works at a higher rate than you can afford, both of you will be wasting your time and you should look for an alternative.