“People are booking it for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or for a romantic date. We even had a bride-to-be email us asking if she can book out the entire tea room to have her wedding in it. A young lady also booked the carriage for her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. She said her parents would love it,”.

A UK chain of tea rooms has become the first restaurant in the world to introduce a Cinderella Carriage as a dining table in its two London branches at House of Fraser Oxford Street and House of Fraser Victoria Street.

The Tea Terrace restaurants and tea rooms announced that it has installed the unique carriages at its two London branches and says that demand has been overwhelming as customers rush to book it for afternoon tea or lunch.

Ehab Shouly, Managing Director of The Tea Terrace, explained that he came up with the idea after hearing many of his customers refer to the interior design of their tea rooms as a fairytale or Alice in Wonderland themed.

“We are always looking at innovative ways to attract new customers. We want to reinvent the concept of eating out and dining. It’s no longer about just the food, it’s now more about the experience and the photo opportunity that the restaurant presents to its customers so they can share the photos on social media,” Ehab Shouly, Managing Director

The carriages are huge and weigh half a tonne each. To get them to the 5th floor of the House of Fraser department stores where The Tea Terrace is located, they had to go through a special design process to have them built in sections so they can be dismantled when they arrive in the UK and taken up to the tea rooms and reassembled.

The Tea Terrace posted photos and announcement of the carriage on their Facebook and 12 hours later they had more 25,000 views and 300 comments and more than 30 requests for booking the carriage.
For further information please email ehab.shouly@TheTeaTerrace.comThe Tea Terrace is now taking bookings for the carriages. There is a usage charge of £15 per person (£7.50 for children under 12) and a minimum spend of £19.25 for either an afternoon tea for one or a lunch comprising of a main course, dessert and a drink.