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Everything Wedding is an online resource packed with information, tips and advice to help bridal parties make informed decisions when planning their wedding day.

Our highly skilled team of writers, researchers and bloggers create digital and social content which has been designed to encourage engagement across social media.

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Social media + Content marketing

Connecting with the audience that needs your services

Our organic audience:


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Are you reaching your customers in a socially engaging way?

Social Media + Content marketing can reach the people who are looking for your services

As a wedding supplier it should not be overlooked that social media is changing the way that people interact with the world.

Everyday thousands of people from across the globe are updating their social media statuses and announcing to their friends and family that they are preparing to get married. The Everything Wedding team specialize in helping to advise these couples at this pivotal time in their lives by offering information, advice and products directly to the news feeds of those that have updated their social media status from “in a relationship” to “engaged“. We help to assist these couples and bridal parties at this crucial time by introducing them to trusted local businesses, vendors and solutions through inspirational editorial content.

How do we work with wedding suppliers:

Step 1 - Prepare

Our production team will work with your brand to build a bespoke and inspirational narrative that promotes your business

Step 2 - Identify

Our social media specialist will identify and capture a highly targeted audience of individuals who fit your desired demographic by location, age, interests and relationship status

Step 3 - Deliver

We publish your bespoke brand narrative on everythingwedding.co.uk and strategically deliver your story to the social media news feeds of your next potential customers - with guaranteed results

Case Study - Honeymoon tour operator

Click on the titles below to learn more

ntasA Kenyan based safari tour operator wanted to increase their engagement with UK couples that could be looking for Honeymoon destinations.

Working with the safari tour operator, The Everything Wedding team built an inspirational article on the benefits of honeymooning in Kenya



ntas-advertOur team of experts agreed to promote the narrative to engaged UK couples, aged 25 to 55 who’s behavioural online habits had shown an interest in honeymoon destinations and a further interest in Africa.

One month promotion:

  • The article reached 20,001 people on social media!
  • 918 people read, liked, shared or tweeted the article
  • The largest age group were aged 24 to 35 who made up 50% of the readers
  • 100% of the promoted social media readers came from the UK, but as the article was shared across social media it reached a global audience