Every bride wants and deserves to look her very best on her wedding day. And a major part of every wedding is the Wedding Dress. In order to have your dress looking the part on your Wedding Day, appropriate pre-cleaning is often needed as well as after the event to keep your dress in storage a cleaning and preservation service should be given.

Cleaning your dress before the wedding is necessary in some cases. If your dress is brand new and reaches you in pristine condition you should store your dress sensibly until your wedding day.

Many dresses will, however, need to be cleaned. If you are wearing a dress that has been worn before, even though it may be new, that has been used as a sample dress, or that has been worn for photo’s it will mean you will need to have your dress cleaned.

Should you find there is only a little dirt or stain, especially on the inside of the dress you may consider tackling this problem yourself. This is often the easier and obviously cheaper option. There is a heap of advice and blogs online on how to do this, for simple yet effective advice check wikiHow on ‘How To Clean A Wedding Gown’ http://www.wikihow.com/Clean-a-Wedding-Gown.

For brides with a satin dress and/ or with beads, special care should be taken due to the delicate nature of the materials. Surprisingly informative advice can be found on how to clean your satin gown at home at eBay http://www.ebay.com.au/gds/How-to-Clean-a-Beaded-Satin-Wedding-Gown-/10000000018475991/g.html, though you may wish to consider using a professional wedding gown service for such gowns.

Cleaning of second-hand wedding gowns will generally improve their presentation and made to be much whiter, especially if it has been in a consignment shop or bridal shop, even if it was only handled a little or has been out on display. If you have decided to do this yourself at home it is still a good idea to speak to a specialist for tips and advice. Should you opt to use their wedding gown services agreeing to have the dress cleaned prior to the wedding and to have it cleaned and preserved after the wedding with the same service you will often get a great price.

Pricing on cleaning and preserving wedding gown services will vary from one service provider to the next though is relatively affordable. Care should be taken when selecting the service provider as many services differ greatly.