wedding car

There are lots of wedding car-hire businesses available and they will be experienced in getting people to the venue in the right order. Alternatively, you may know someone who has an interesting car that you could borrow. Last weekend, I saw three bridesmaids and two men in morning suits stuffed into a mini. We were on our way to the pub in the picturesque village down the road. The mini arrived soon after us and the bridesmaids jumped out, smoothed their dresses and posed for photos. They looked beautiful in navy-blue satin empire line dresses, laughing as they got out of the tiny car. The wedding party dazzled the locals for about ten minutes and then left, proving that if you are young and beautiful, you don’t have to have a swanky car to make an impression.


However charismatic you are, you will need to plan, though. The guests can generally sort out their own transport (although you might want to help put people in touch with each other if someone needs a lift). The priorities for hire cars are the bride and whomever is giving her away; her mother and bridesmaids; and the groom and his groomsmen. Depending how far you have to travel to the venue and how many attendants there are, you may be able to manage with one car, but discuss this with the car-hire people. It is traditional for the groom and his groomsmen to arrive first. This is so the ushers can guide guests to their seats as they arrive. The groom and groomsmen then have photographs taken while they wait for the arrival of the next carload, which will be the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. The bride and the person giving her away are last to arrive. This needs to be carefully scheduled to allow time for photos. You should bear in mind that ladies in long dresses will take longer to get in and out of cars too. If you only use one car, you will have to factor in time taken to go back and pick up the next lot of passengers.

Once the ceremony is over, you may need cars to travel to the reception venue. The bride and groom will travel together, now that they are married, and they go first. That leaves the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the mother of the bride and the person who gave away the bride needing transport. Again, the car-hire people will help you with all that. If it rains, they’ll hover over you with an umbrella, so your clothes aren’t spoiled and they will generally make sure that you feel special. When you are choosing a car-hire firm, ask them if they will be available for you all day. If you want to include some quirky transport, like a horse and carriage or a tractor, let the car-hire people know so that they can work with them.

When choosing a car-hire firm, keep in mind that some will quote you an all-inclusive price, but some will charge separately for decorating the car, mileage, waiting time and photo opportunities with the car.

So . . . all that remains is to choose the most stylish mode of transport that your budget can accommodate.