We all want to save a little money when we’re working on our wedding, but there are some things you just absolutely shouldn’t do. Conversely, there’s a few things you can get away with that will only enhance your wedding , its appearance, and how much of it is all you. As usual, we’re here to help you sort out the differences between the two, and take advantage of the decorating do’s while not getting penned in by the decorating don’ts.

DO Handle Your Own Ceremony Decor: The wedding ceremony often lasts just over an hour, so dumping thousands of pounds into decorating for it could feel like a waste. Instead, spend some time with some elegant but simple designs and accents that make the area pop, but don’t blow your budget.

DO Hand-make your wedding favour: Wedding favour should do more than commemorate your wedding day, they should also represent the bride and groom. Taking the time to hand make them can be a fun and creative process that leaves your mark on every piece.

DO Create your own invitations and programs: These, like the wedding favour, definitely carry the touch of the bride and groom. Taking the time to put together these documents on your own, and decorating the invitations by hand, will save you tons of money and touch each one with your personality.

DON’T Try to bake your own cake: Seriously, this is probably the biggest mistake made by every couple preparing to be wedding who’s trying to save on ‘decorating’ costs. Cakes are finicky, getting them decorated properly is an art form, and transportation isn’t for the faint of heart. Leave it to the professionals.

DON’T Try to coordinate it yourself: Have we said this enough? It’s really that important, you need to work with a professional, delegate to family members, and make sure the whole thing comes together seamlessly. Attempting to do it yourself will just lead to a bridezilla.

DON’T Try to do the centrepieces: Yes, we mentioned the ceremonial décor is something you can handle on your own, but people only spend an hour or so at your actual wedding. The next several hours are spent socialising and partying at the reception, and that’s where you want to put your decorating dollars.

Hopefully these tips will help you make intelligent and informed decisions about how to manage your decorating. Taking care of things on your own can definitely help save you some money, but it also can seriously impact the beauty of your wedding. Use it carefully.