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First unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September, the new luxury convertible only hit the market on limited release in the summer of 2016, yet has already gone to earn acclaim among both press and public alike.

Described by Car and Driver magazine as “Luxurious, exclusive, [and] exquisite,” and by BBC’s Top Gear as “An absolutely wonderful driving experience,” the Rolls-Royce Dawn wedding car has found particular favour among couples looking for a modern alternative to the traditional chauffeur driven wedding transport.

Speaking at the launch of Smart City Wedding’s new Rolls-Royce Dawn, a company spokesman said:

“The classic Rolls-Royce hire car has long been a staple of British marriage celebrations, but at Smart City Weddings, we found that an increasing number of younger couples were looking for something a little more contemporary for their special day.

“The addition of three brand new Rolls-Royce Dawn convertibles to our exclusive fleet of chauffeur driven wedding cars allows us to offer just that; dynamic design, exceptional performance and the highest levels of comfort, all with the kind of timeless style that is unique to the Rolls-Royce brand.”

A Wedding Car for the Modern Couple

From today, couples can hire the Rolls-Royce Dawn wedding car in a choice of three colours; white, gold, and red. It’s this variety of options which Smart City Weddings believe will allow them to meet the expectations of modern newly weds. At the same launch event for the new model, the company’s spokesman said:

“2016 sees us living in what is very much an on-demand society; people are used to having access to the goods and services they want, whenever they want them, however they want them, especially on an occasion as uniquely personal as their wedding day.

“By offering the chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce Dawn wedding car in a range of three colours, brides and grooms can be sure of hiring a luxury convertible which really reflects their personal tastes, as well as blending effortlessly with the overall theme of their celebration.”

The Largest Selection of Rolls-Royce Wedding Cars in the UK

The arrival of the new Rolls-Royce Dawn was cause for another celebration at Smart City Wedding’s SW8 headquarters.

By adding the gold, white, and red convertibles to their existing fleet, the company officially became owners of the UK’s biggest selection of chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce wedding cars.

Along with the three Dawns, the company also boast the Rolls-Royce Ghost, also available in white, gold and grey, and two versions of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II in black and white. With the latter, Smart City Weddings were the first chauffeur driven wedding car company in the UK to offer this prestigious model for hire.

“As times evolve, so too are the expectations of young brides and grooms. Today, variety of choice is just as important as professional service and quality vehicles,” said the Smart City Weddings spokesman. “We provide our clients not only with access to brand new luxury vehicles, but a world class chauffeuring service to complement it, something we believe is truly reflected in our range of eight exceptional chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce models available in our collection.”

The chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce Dawn convertible is available for wedding hire now exclusively through Smart City Weddings. For more information and booking, visit or call 020 7792 1191.