Themed weddings are incredibly popular, and they can add a memorable and fun element to your big day. They also help to share a burst of personality from the bride and groom, and perhaps bring people together in something that helped to bring them together in the first place. Themed weddings can be an absolutely amazing time, and we’re going to share just a few ideas with you to help get your juices flowing in case you want your own themed wedding.

Fandom Themed: Fandoms are huge these days, and there’s a lot of great books and shows out there to pick from. My personal favourite is a Harry Potter themed wedding. There’s just so many options of things to do, from a sorting hat table where people find their table assignments, to Pocky wands. What’s not to love?

Walking Dead Themed: Ok, we know this is just another fandom theme, but it’s just too much fun not to mention. The last one we went to had all the wedding guests dress as the undead, and afterwards the bride and groom had to fight their way out of a laser tag maze past hordes of oncoming zombies. Not for everyone, but a great time.

Cinderella: This one falls under the classics of fairy tales, and really it could be any fairy tale. The example we saw had the bride and groom getting married inside a pumpkin shaped carriage, and the groomsmen were dressed like mice while the bridesmaids were gussied up like fairy godmothers. It was a magical time, and yours could be too!

Alice in Wonderland: Alice is all the rage these days, especially with the recent Tim Burton retelling of the stories. Upside down wedding cakes and a (seemingly) chaotically arranged reception table really helps add to the theme. And who can hate a ring-white-rabbit rather than a ring bearer? You just have to not mind him being a little late.

English Garden: Everything about your wedding can be drawn from an English garden, with tea roses adorning the china, climbing roses on a trellis over the aisle, and lavender flavoured ice cream, it will have all the marks of elegance. If you love high society, an English Garden wedding will set you apart.

Really the only limits to themed weddings are your imagination, you can centre your wedding around just about anything, from pirates to your favourite flower. There’s a great time to be had, and people are sure to be talking about your wedding for quite some time to come.