man with guitar

Planning the wedding party is a big deal, and setting up the music selections and performers is absolutely central to the event. You have to be careful for a lot of reasons, especially if using live music of any kind. You want to make sure that the performers are reliable, that they know how to work a venue, and that they know what a tech sheet is and what their requirements are. Even a DJ needs to know how to do more than switch tracks on an MP3 player. I’m here to give you five basic things to make sure the musical part of your event goes off without a hitch.

Make the Band Commit: Musicians are artists, and artists can a tendency to be flaky. A sad but true fact of dealing with the creative sorts. Do your research on your band of choice, make sure they keep their commitments, and make sure you always have a way to recover any deposit you pay. That security is supposed to go two ways.

Know Their Expectations: Sound quality is indelibly tied to the equipment they use, and this is true for both DJ’s and Musicians alike. Set clear expectations about who is providing the equipment, and if possible get a showing ahead of time of what they’ll be using. Even a great band can sound awful if they don’t know how to utilize their sound system.

Check their Playlist: Musicians know their business, as do DJ’s, but that doesn’t mean you should take your hands off the wheel when it comes to planning their playlist. Have them do a play-through for you, or at least provide a list of the music they’re going to play. Nobody wants a sudden unexpected burst of Chumbawumba in the middle of their special dance.

Capture The Moment: While not directly related to the music itself, a band or DJ playing a wedding needs to know how to capture those special moments. The first dance, the bride and father dance, all those special moments that you’ll want to keep forever, or at least want the dance floor cleared for. A clear announcement makes sure that all the necessary people get in position to make it seamless.

These four simple steps and precautions will help you feel safe in the knowledge that the most important parts of your wedding reception will be caught in moments of perfection. Music really does set the tone of the event, and can play a large part in keeping the energy flowing for a great and memorable night.