Congrats! You’re engaged and now it’s time to plan the wedding of your dreams. As cliché as it may sound, this is the day that most women have been planning since they were little girls.

Picturing the perfect white dress, choosing bridesmaids, and of course finding a dreamy venue are probably the first things you think of come time to plan your wedding. Those are some of the most important pieces of any wedding, but with all your attention focused on those, it is easy to let some of the less glamorous details fall through the cracks.

While many couples have gone through some of the heavy lifting well in advance of the wedding (think prenuptial agreement), it’s these little details that can make your wedding day run smoothly and free of hiccups.

To help you out, we’ve put together this list of 3 often missed pre-wedding to-do’s.

  1. Wedding Day Meals

While you may have hired the best caterer around for your dinner, sure to wow your guests with a delicious meal, there are two other meals in the day that you probably have forgotten about. Amidst the craziness taking place the morning before the wedding, it is important to remember to keep your wedding party fed.

This means planning breakfast and lunch. They don’t need to be fancy, just something quick and easy to make sure no one gets too hungry; it is going to be a long day for everyone, after all. And when people get hungry, they can get grumpy; you don’t want a “hangry” wedding party now do you?

  1. Day After Plans

If you have guests staying overnight at or near your venue, you should have some sort of plans for the next day. Whether you are leaving for your honeymoon or not, preplanning the day after will save the stress and the mess of having to organize something on the go.

If you will be around the next day, have a casual gathering, such as brunch at a restaurant, cleanup at the venue, or visiting at your home, so your overnight guests have something to do if they aren’t heading home right away.

If you are leaving for your honeymoon, be sure to plan your transportation to the airport and having your luggage and documents all packed and ready to go.

  1. Overnight Bag

With all of the other craziness happening the night before or the morning of, one of the easiest things to forget is an overnight bag. After a long day of visiting, dancing, eating, and celebrating, you will want some pajamas, face wash, your toothbrush, and a change of clothes for the next day.

Pack your bag a few days in advance so it’s ready to go, and if you feel you are going to be too busy or won’t have time to get it to your hotel room (or wherever you’re staying) before the wedding, you can always have one of your bridesmaids, or even one of your parents, drop the bag off for you.

Relax and Have Fun

All three of the above are important pre-wedding tasks that you should make sure to have on your to-do list, but amidst all of the planning, running around, and stressing out that takes place before your wedding, the most important thing to remember is to relax, take a breath, and have fun!