knee engagement proposal

Is your partner thinking of proposing to you? Do you want them to? Here are some signs that they have marriage on their minds:

  1. Calling you by their last name, or trying out different combinations of your joint surnames
  2. Liking proposal videos on Facebook, or if they use the crying emoji, it’s going to be very soon
  3. Getting possessive about you: steering you rapidly away from attractive people or introducing you as ‘my’ (insert role/name)
  4. Talking about plans for the far future that include both of you, like a trip to Europe together after the fuss about Brexit is over, or going to Scotland once they’ve achieved independence
  5. Saying ‘us’, ‘we’ and ‘our’, instead of ‘me’, ‘I’ and ‘my’
  6. Looking at places like restaurants and historic buildings and sizing them up for numbers of guests
  7. Talking about other people’s weddings and saying things like ‘that was a nice idea with the cupcake wall instead of a wedding cake’
  8. Talking about aunties and uncles he or she hasn’t seen for a long time and deciding who, from his or her circle of friends, are the most important
  9. Humming songs that have ‘wedding’ in the title, like ‘Shotgun Wedding’, ‘It’s a nice day for a white wedding’ or ‘it should have been me’
  10. Comparing the size of your fingers to other people’s

If you have a really honest relationship, and you think it’s time the pair of you got married, why don’t you save yourself the stress of trying to read their mind and just propose yourself?