What will your honeymoon mean to you? For some it’s the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of normal life, some look for luxury, but above all, most seek that once in a lifetime experience to pin to their memories forever.

Of the many honeymoon locations available throughout the world, there are very few destinations that will fuel the imagination, and fewer still that will educate, relax, invigorate and excite, quite like an African Safari. Now that the knot has been tied and the ceremony is complete, you will be moving together through life as 21st century explorers and when visiting foreign shores, nothing can say ‘new beginnings’ quite like stepping off the plane at Nairobi airport – love drunk from sealing your vows and slightly tipsy from the in-flight Champaign. You’re now ready to embark on your first journey together as a married couple.

We teamed up with honeymoon specialist and one of Kenya’s leading safari tour operators Natural Tours and Safaris, to learn why so many UK couples are choosing to take the 8 hour flight and honeymoon under their warm African skies.

josephSpeaking with Joseph, the full-time tour guide explained “for us, our client’s experience begins long before they arrive. We pride ourselves in building bespoke packages for our honeymooners. Before they have boarded the aeroplane, we have already prepared the itinerary and scheduled the stops to ensure that their time in our country is amazing. This is why we collect our passengers from the airport – so they can feel comfortable and secure from the second that their plane lands.”

Kenya’s busy city streets and bountiful rural landscapes can be overwhelming if travelling unguided. From a country that offers so much choice, having the confidence and assistance of a trusted third party indigenous operator can dramatically enhance your stay, and a little local knowledge can help inform your travel decisions so that your experiences are hand-picked, refined and tailored from the abundant menu of available excursions – each adventure designed to wet the appetite of discovery and meet the most demanding of expectations.

With so many choices available, it begs the question – what could your Kenyan Safari honeymoon look like?

For the Adventure


The staple part of any Kenyan honeymoon will be your Safari. All professional safaris are held at the vast natural reserves and parks that preserve the authenticity of the environment. On approach, the anticipation heightens with every divot in the road as you bounce through the dirt tracks leading up to the main gates.

To the untrained eye; a bush, a tree or an obscure distant shape could be hiding one of the aptly named ‘big 5’ animals or uncover an African beast of legend. Joseph explained that after working as a driver and safari guide for over 10 years he has learned the animal’s behaviours – know when they eat, know when they sleep, know how they hunt and the best places to find them. “I use my knowledge of safety and many years of experience to try and bring my guests close to these magnificent creatures.” He continued “I have been doing this for a long time, but the animals always seem to surprise me. You can never know what you will see; every trip is exciting.”

For the Romance

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that can make the greatest impact – and Kenya has a beautiful tendency to do those little things in a very big way.

With custom made excursions for two being readily available at their fingertips, natural tours and safaris can arrange your experiences by sea, land and sky.

I encourage you to Imagine yourselves drifting by the wallowing hippopotamus and feeding the ever vigilant African fish Eagles, as you glide over lake Nivasha in a private boat for two.

By air and high above the tree canopies you can be lifted with the roar of the hot air balloon. As you climb towards the heavens, the African landscape unfolds in front of you, exposing its creatures, animals and secrets from a perspective that few have known. Here you can leave the worries of the world behind and allow the emotion of your surroundings to become the cornerstone of your honeymoon memories.

For the Education


Through technology, innovation and industry, our way of life is ever evolving into a more digital and convenient existence, but for those visiting the Masai tribes of East Africa you are still able to get a glimpse of life as it was lived before any cultural influence.

The world renowned Masai warriors have been able to retain the traditions of their ancestors which have been carefully passed down unaltered through generation. You can be welcomed by the village chief who will introduce you to the tribe and explain how their architecture is formed, how they create fire in the wilderness and feel their heart-warming approach to family values. Learn how the Masai people can walk through the pride of lions and why the red Masai cloak is respected throughout the animal kingdom.

The possibilities are endless and the memories are proven to last a lifetime. To learn more about Kenyan safaris or to build your honeymoon adventure visit: http://www.naturaltoursandsafaris.com/