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All Speeches Great and Small have compiled a survey of over 500 grooms from around the globe, revealing what so many women already suspected: men get it wrong the world over.

It appears that guys around the world continue to make exactly the same mistakes when it comes to popping the question, and our research shows that a whopping 87% of proposals are simply a fiasco.

Either guys are trying to plan a proposal to rival the opening of the London 2012 Olympics or they’re expecting their girlfriend to be ok with walking 2 miles out of the blue to a secluded beach…in the rain…in flip flops.

And then we thought: hang on, why don’t we put all these facts and figures into one handy survey, so all those men thinking about proposing don’t find themselves on a city break disaster, or on the edge of cliff with zero romance and a couple of drastic options as what to do next? So, that exactly what we did and you can discover all our findings on the Survey page.

And the results are damning. Yep, us guys over complicate, and under think this event the world over, and for the good of mankind, it needs to stop. The survey, which takes answers from Europe, North America, Australia, NZ and South Africa includes:

  • How many went down on knee.
  • The top ten factors which ruin a proposal.
  • The top ten places that people chose to propose.
  • How many used a Lego ring.
  • How many said managed to say the right thing.
  • How many ask for the Father’s blessing…

And then we’ve gone one further by exploring why they go wrong and what you can do in order to make sure yours goes swimmingly. We’ve written a guide as to what grooms need to think about and what they need to avoid. The rest is up to them.

Adrian Simpson the owner of All Speeches Great and Small was upbeat about the future:

“hopefully, armed with this information, men all over the world can take the jeopardy, catastrophe and calamity out of their proposal and begin the journey of their married life in a much more calm, relaxed and fulfilling way. Or at the very least not bring their partner to the point of complete mental exhaustion before popping the question”.

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