book and computer

Which one of you is the most organised?  It will be that person who will be doing most of the work of keeping you on budget, but don’t let them do all the work.  This should be a joint effort.  Most importantly, you will have to stick to your budget.  Unless you have limitless funds available, if you spend too much on your wedding, you won’t have as much money for buying a house or going on honeymoon.

A spectacular wedding might impress your friends and relatives, but be realistic, and you’ll find that the day will be one that you will remember for the rest of your life as the happiest event ever.

As well as money, you will need to organise your time in the run-up to the big day.  There will be lots to organise, so start early and use lots of lists.  You will definitely need a diary or even a wall chart to keep track of the project.

Your to-do list might start off looking something like this:

  1. Shop for dress (who will come with me to help choose?)
  2. Choose a selection of bridesmaid’s dresses
  3. Show dresses to bridesmaids and let them vote on which to have
  4. Arrange fittings
  5. Book venue(s)
  6. Book caterer

Like with the budget, the to-do list will keep changing. Unlike the budget, though, the order of priority will not depend on what is most important to you.  You will probably have to book the venue first of all, especially if you are having a religious ceremony,   because the venue may have limited availability.  Check that the day you are booking does not coincide with another important event.  It would be terrible if your spouse (and probably half the guests) was checking throughout the day to see what the cricket score was for an important game!

It will be very satisfying to cross each item off and know that it is arranged and ready. Once you have ticked it off, stop thinking about it and move on to the next one.

With so much to do, remember you can only do one thing at a time.  Don’t worry about arranging fittings if you haven’t even chosen the dress yet.  If it stops being fun, draw a line.  Have a rest, ask for help, and if there’s some detail that won’t resolve itself, leave it out.  You still have to live (and love each other) while all this is happening.  Your marriage is more important than a wedding.

The best weddings are the simplest.  Even if you have a massive budget, all you need is a reason to celebrate and a place to do so, and people will enjoy themselves.  Think about the weddings you have attended.  I bet the ones you enjoyed the most were the least fussy, so don’t stop reminding yourself what the most important things are and just stick to them.